Crashdown Studio is a animation boutique co-founded by Pierre DeCelles who is a famous Canadian Animation Director who worked on various productions ranging from Animated Television to Feature Films. Crashdown Studio sets itself apart by creating its own style and influences beyond the normal visual that are shown in today's media.

It has roots in the halls from Hanna Barbara where Ed Benedict was Pierre's mentor and friend, and taught the team, Pierre trains the staff and is busy working on animation around the world as Senior Director and Consultant for hire with the studio processing his art work.

Currently, we stripped down the website and uploading our projects, GoDaddy has a secure photo gallery better than wordpress and check back as we continue to update the website.

If you are interested in developing an animation project contact us and send us information and quote via email to review.

Animation & Graphic Design

We have been animating in different mediums since 1980, using traditional and digital methods. Our workflow is streamlined from pre production to production using Adobe and Toonboom tool sets. We constantly improve our workflow and keep the production as simple as possible to maintain speed of output during the work schedule.

During our time in Shanghai, we take part in local community activities and a part of organizations that properly promote the animation and film industry developing in China.  The groups that we recommend are properly established with good intentions at heart and we sponsor or support in various ways.  We also attend local events as well, if the times allows and show young students the art of animation.We recommend the following organizations for Film, Game & Animation inside China, check them out when you get the chance, and maybe you will see us at their meetings in Shanghai. - -

Guest Lectures & Exhibition

In the past we have been invited to lecture and bring our original animation CELs and pre production artwork to teach young students about the art of classical animation, if you wish us to present a guest lecture or exhibition please contact us about opportunites by email.